Snooker & Billiards PC Scoreboard

Whether it's just one table in the basement or a suite of 50 tables in a stadium, ProScore Snooker and English Billiards electronics scoreboard will transform your facility to a new horizon. ProScore runs on many modern and old-generation Windows computers. If you are not yet ready for this digital scoreboard, ProScore includes a Traditional Scoreboard interface which is as intuitive as any wooden scoreboard but with digital advantages.

Live Scores


Your scores and match history can be viewed on any modern web browser, so you can share your match progress with the world if you like.

Match History: a table showing current and past matches in columns and rows
Single Match View: current frame in progress
Multi Match View: multiple matches displayed in a quad view. Matches data come from individual ProScore computers.
Scoreboard View: single view that looks very similar to the scoreboard

Click the above titles for an online demonstration.



ProScore prvoides an easy approach to score points, handling foul and free ball situations, handicap points, black ball games, plus many advanced functions like Undo, Frame Clock, Remaining Ball Count and Points, Match Status, High Breaks, Re-Rack, Concedes Match,  Restore Sessions, Web Remote, Live Scores, and more.

Scoring with ProScore is easy:

1. Casual Mode

  • enter the points after a break is finished
  • No need to set up match details

2. Formal Mode

  • enter the points everytime a ball is potted
  • set up match info as desired


Controlling ProScore is easy with one of these wired or wireless combinations:

  • Keyboard
  • mouse
  • smart phone
  • handheld remote controller

Optional Wireless Remote Controls


ProScore does not require you to walk to the computer frequently. In fact, you can do the scoring from a mobile device on the same network (LAN), such as iphone, android phone, iPad, laptop, tablet etc. There is no app to install, the remote control is accessed through a web browser on your Wi Fi device.

If network is not available, wireless numeric keypad or Infra-red remote are your friends. For the later, you can use a compatible Media Center remote control or your own infra-red controllercoupled with a FLIRC universal USB receiver.


Easy Scoring Methods


ProScore was made to adapt to your scoring habit, so you can add points when a break is finished (as in most casual games) or you can add points after every pot (as in most tournaments). Our design philosophy has made both amateurs and professionals very comfortable in their daily practices and games.



If you want to find an answer fast, there are 3 ways to do it: 1. visit our FAQ section; 2. Send us a message; 3. Chat with us

Our chat room is manned during office hours AEST and no registration is required to enter the room (just Login as Guest).

Accustomed to the old board?


We understand some of you are accustomed to the good old mechanical scoreboard so ProScore now provides a Traditional Scoreboard option which works pretty much the same as a physical scoreboard.

You use a mouse or finger (if using touch screen) to drag the sliders just like a real scoreboard, with the advantage of automated sync to an optional digital live score web page, and to its live streaming scorer (Mini Scorer), all synchronised to your sliders on the ProScore Traditional Scoreboard!