Snooker & Billiards PC Scoreboard

Download ProScore Snooker & Billiards Scoreboard (v10.501 trial)


For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000

Now include Traditional Scoreboard interface!

ProScore is absolutely safe to use, it has been scanned by all major antivirus engines and is 100% guaranteed free from virus or malware/adware whatsoever. Download and use with confidence.

If you are installing and using ProScore for the first time, we encourage you to read or watch the ."Absolute Essentials" section below BEFORE installing or running ProScore. It only take a few minutes and these info will ensure hassle-free operatoin.

Absolute Essentials (Video Version)



Running ProScore for the 1st time















Scoring with PC keyboard















Broadcast Scores with Live Scoring
















For more video tutorials please click here.

For other questions please visit our FAQ page or contact us here.


ProScore software is 100% safe and free from any virus or adware or malware. We hate those nasties as much as you do. ProScore is absolutely safe to install and use, our software was also analysed by with many types of anti-virus software to ensure everything is clean.


Note that some featuers may not be available under Windows 2000 or earlier.

Absolute Essentials (Text Version)



Running ProScore for the 1st time

It's important to click "Allow access" when the prompts appear, otherwise Windows Firewall may block the Live Scoring & wireless scoring functions from operating. Note that these prompts might appear "behind" the scoreboard so you might only see these prompts when switching Windows order (ALT-Tab).










About Scoring (with keyboard)

It's best to experience ProScore with a PC keyboard & mouse in the beginning. Start ProScore, click "Snooker Scoreboard", then "next" and "next" to enter ProScore Scoreboard. Here is what you must know:


  • Start or stop frame clock: press "C" key
  • Change player's turn: press "ENTER" or "P" key
  • Add points: Press "1"..."7" keys accordingly
  • Undo last action: Press "E" key
  • End a Frame: Press "W" key, then "3" key
  • Foul: Press "F" key then point value. (e.g. F -> 5 to award 5 pt)
  • End a Match: Press "M" for menu, then select "End Match"
  • Quit the Program: Press "Esc" key, then "Y"
  • Visit Menu for more options: Press "M"
  • More Youtube video tutorials at


About Live Scoring

For unregistered users please visit the Live Score demo page to view some real match examples from all over the world. It's a shared area for everyone to post their matches to. For registered users they can subscribe to their own Live Score pages (for a small fee) which only they can post their scores to.