Snooker & Billiards PC Scoreboard

Frequency Asked Questions


If your question that is not covered below, please write to us and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: I am not very computer literated, computer scoreboard sounds scary, bulky and untouchable.

A. ProScore is easy to set up and use, most functions can be done with point and click, so you can start your games almost immediately. Very little computer expertise is required to operate ProScore. If you are after something mobile, ProScore can run entirely on a 8 inch Windows tablet without wires too. Most people would agree that learning ProScore is a lot easier than learning their smart phone! For an explanation of various features.please refer out Tutorial section.


Q. I thought ProScore is designed for professional snooker & billiards tournaments only.

A. Not true, ProScore made home and club games more interesting to watch and it's surprisingly easy to learn and operate. All you need is a Windows desktop computer, laptop or tablet and you can have it installed and running in minutes.

Q: As a player, what benefits are offered by ProScore compared to my old wooden scoreboard?
A. ProScore made the score much easier to see and many players know how important to check the scores during the game, especially during the last few color balls. Why? good players frequently check the scoreboard to decide how to play the next shot, esp towards the end of the frame where there may or may not be enough points for him (or his opponent) to win the frame. Having a high-visibility scoreboard allow a player to work out a strategy gives him the best chance to win the frame.

Q: As a referee, what benefits are offered by ProScore?
A. ProScore offers visual and audible feedback that make scoring easy with high precision. Its on-screen score history will help aliminate disputes between the players and the referee, there's even an undo function if a mistake was made to the scoreboard. The score can be synchronised to a live scoring web site so the scoreboard and match history are viewable on other computers, tablets or mobile devices all over the world. Another great benefit for referee is that the scoring can be performed on a portable remote control or tablet so he doesn't need to travel back and forth to the computer.

Q: I am just a player, can I score my games with ProScore without getting a referee involved?
A. Of course! Anyone can operate ProScore with ease. Many ProScore users score their own games without third party assistance.

Q. How much is ProScore?
A. The price for a ProScore v10 lifetime license is a one-off £279 that can be purchased from here.


Q. Why computer scoreboard? There is nothing wrong with my old mechanical or electronic scoreboard?
A. Many players ignore the importance of checking the score frequently during a frame, while good players do refer to the scoreboard often enough so they can decide whether to be aggressive or defensive on the next shot. ProScore can be projected to TV screens of any size so the players and referee and audience can follow the score in realtime. And referees will appreciate the on-screen score history which easily eliminates disputes among the players. And while some electronic scoreboards are also easy to operate and with digit displays, however the lack of Live Scoring means you cannot share the scoreboard and match history on another screen like ProScore does. And with those inferior scoreboards you won't be able to have a match history on file and on the Internet. Please have a look at some great features offered by ProScore and give it a try.


Q. I am considering to upgrade to Windows 11, but not sure if it is compatible.
A. ProScore is fully compatible with most Windows OS including Windows 11.

Q. Can I run ProScore on my Apple Mac or iPad?
A. No. ProScore runs on Windows operating systems on a desktop, laptop or tablet only. However you can use your smart phone or iPad & other tablet as a remote controller for the scoreboard.

Q. Can ProScore cater for various foul and free ball scenarios while keeping track of remaining ball count?
A. Certainly.

Q. I am a casual player and I don't like adding points the way a pro tournament does.

A. ProScore now allows you to do "direct break point entry" - so you can add the total points after a break is finished.


Q. My electronic scoreboards are easy to use because I can add any point I like by choosing any color points of equivalent value, can ProScore supports this type of scoring method? And if I switch to ProScore can I use the remote control from my obolete electronics scoreboard?

A. Yes to both! From version 11 you can add scores in freestyle without following the official rules. And you can convert your old remote control to use with ProScore by using a third party USB Infrared receiver (sold separately, we will show you how it is setup).


Q. What's the limit of a trial version?

A. ProScore has a time limit and also the "Unregistered" will appear at the center of the scoreboard. To remove limitations and activate the full version please purchase a full license.


Q. Can I use any other remote controls with ProScore?

A. Most infrared remote controllers (even those from TV/VCR/DVD etc) can be set up and used with ProScore by plugging a third party USB Infrared receiver (sold separately, we will show you how it is setup).

Q. I have ProScore running on a Windows tablet but I want people in the snooker room and the reception area to see the scores in progress. Can I hook up a large plasma TV to the laptop, and how about the TV in the reception area?

A. Not only you can connect a large screen to your ProScore computer (through a second VGA/HDMI port, etc), If you are using a tablet as the main computer you can set up other large screen computers to display the Live Scores for the players and audience to see!


Q. Can ProScore do drawsheets and players' statistics such as "long pot success'" as seen in some betting web site?
A. No. Adding a drawsheet feature will make the software much more complicated to operate and administer. We believe tasks like draw game etc are better managed by human. We don't include player's statistics or performance indexes in the software because that would add another layer of complex operation and we only want to make a great scoreboard without the unnecessary bells and whistles which are only of interest to punters.

Q. I run a small club with small budget but I am interested to have ProScore running on my tables. Do you offer discounts for multiple licenses?
A. We offer small discount for multiple licenses. Contact us for more details. ProScore is the best investment for any personal or commercial snooker facility, whether it's one table or one hundred tables.

Q. Does ProScore offer a trial version so I can try it?
A. Yes, here is the link


Q. Do you have a complete PC with ProScore all set up which I can buy & use straightaway?
A. Yes please contact us to get a quote for turnkey solutions.

Q. My snooker club's web site has its own match and player data, can I integrate ProScore with my database?
A. Yes, we can customise ProScore for you for a reasonable fee. Please contact us for details.

Q. Do you provide system installation which includes hardware, software installation etc?
A. Please contact us for more information