Snooker & Billiards PC Scoreboard

Live Scoring Demonstrations


ProScore Live Score facility has 4 variations.

  1. Match History: a table showing current and past matches in columns and rows
  2. Single Match View: current frame in progress
  3. Multi Match View: multiple matches displayed in a quad view. Matches data come from individual ProScore computers.
  4. Scoreboard View: single view that looks very similar to the scoreboard.

​Click an icon below to view a live demo for unregistered users. If your scoreboard is currently running you might see your scores coming up in these screens, depending on whether other users are using these shared space at the same time.


If your scoreboard is currently running on this computer, it would be better to view live scores on a different device/PC, such as ipad, tablet, laptop or iphone etc. The web address of the Live Score main menu is:


Thes Live Score demos below are shared & used by all unregistered users, and registered customers will have their own, separate Live Score pages that link to their ProScore software.











Remote Control from Web Browsers

ProScore can be remotely controlled from a modern web browser on the same Local network so you can use your iphone, laptop, tablet, ipad, android phones etc to score your games. This gives you plenty of freedom, whether you are a player, a referee, or both. When you start up ProScore the remote's web address is already provided on the top right corner of the launch screen. Enter that address on your mobile phone, and you should be able to score your games from there

Alternatively, if your scoreboard is currently running, you can try click the button below to redirect to the remote control page (for unregistered users only). Again it is a shared link for unregistered users so it may or may not work. If not, try click the button below just after your ProScore software is launched.













If you are using a phone or other web browser, enter this address will have the same effect:

Match History
Single View
Scoreboard Mirror
remote control

Remote Control from TV-style Remote Controllers

If you don't like a touchscreen based remote control (such as your smart phone) ProScore offers Infra Red compatible remote controls similar to your TV remote control or a Media Center Remote control (the ones with rubber buttons). There are 2 ways to do it:


  1. Using a third party Media Center Remote Controller / USB receiver package (2 models work right out of the box, see below photos)
  2. Using your own spare remote controller with a Universal USB receiver (one-off programming is required)

For most users we recommend option 1 as it is easy. For those users who wish to adapt his own infra-red controller, we recommend option 2.

Details on using these controllers can be found in our tutorial section..