Snooker & Billiards PC Scoreboard

The PC Scoreboard 

ProScore turns your Windows PC or tablet into a portable snooker & billiards scoreboard with distinct advantages, e.g. remote scoring and live scoring broadcast. This is the best-valued addition to your snooker setup. Download today!

Loved by Players and Referees. For many good reasons.


Live Scoring

Remote Control

Easy Scoring

Keeping it Simple


for all players & referees


PC scoreboards used to be complicated to set up and operate but ProScore changed all these with the most user friendly features. It even adapt to your habits E.g. not only you can add point after every pot (as in a tournament), you can also add points after a break is finished (as in self-practice or casual games). Setting up a match is so simple that you don't even need to touch the keyboard, so you can focus on game play and not on technology. See video demos here.

simple and powerful


ProScore scoreboard is simple enough for anyone to operate, while sophisticated enough for clubs and large tournaments' needs. It looks impressive, works like a charm and support additional remote controls of your choice. Our customers are also given their own Live Scoring web pages so they can share their match history and live scores with the whole world. Best of all, live score service is included for our customers and there is no subscription or ongoing fees. Download a trial copy

ProScore is a 3-in-1 software package


  1. Electronics Snooker Scoreboard
  2. Electronics Billiards Scoreboard
  3. Traditional Scoreboard Interface


ProScore is the best investment for your snooker facility, whatever the size. Learn more or download a copy today!

Accustomed to the old board?


We understand some of you are accustomed to the good old mechanical scoreboard so ProScore now provides a Traditional Scoreboard view without sacrifying the Live Score and Streaming Automation.

You use a mouse or finger (if using touch screen) to drag the sliders just like a real scoreboard, with the advantage of automated sync to an optional digital live score web page, and to its live streaming scorer (Mini Scorer), all synchronised to your sliders on the ProScore Traditional Scoreboard! 


         PROSCORE Version 11 has released and available for download, with many new convenient features & WiFi remote control